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Need help buying? Or just want to discuss your options? We'd love to sit down with you and talk.

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The home buying process though exciting can offer many unforeseen obstacles. Here at McCloud Realty, we do our best to provide you the information needed to give you the clearest picture of the home you are buying. With over severals years of experience in the local market, McCloud Realty is the best and only locally owned option for real estate representation in McCloud! 

As members of the California and National Real Estate Associations, as well as the local Siskiyou Association of Realtors, we are held to high standards of both personal and professional ethics and we take it very seriously to adhere by all regulations put forth by our governing bodies. 



Buying a home is always an exciting process, whether it's your first home, you've owned in the past or you're purchasing that vacation home of your dreams! 

Here are a few tips to get you started....

Choose an Agent

Choose to work with our team at McCloud Realrty to help you find the right property and guide you though the home buying process.

Research the Area

If you are new to the area, familiarize yourself with the region you are moving to. Vacation in the town you're looking at to get a feel for it. Ask us for area information and let us share our local knowledge with you!

Loan Options

Get prequalified! Use a local lender if possible. Ask us for lender recommendations! Don't take on new debt or have any sudden financial changes. ​


Take a Trip

Looking to come to McCloud for a visit? We know all the best places to stay, from campgrounds to hotels, Bed and Breakfasts to vacationrentalsDrive around different neighborhoods and talk to the locals to learn more about the community.


Start searching for homes online as well as giving our team a clear picture of what it is you are looking for. The more information you pass along to us, the better we can identify a property for you.


Once you find a home to buy, do all of the inspections recommend by the realtor as it is better to know now than later and spending the money now could save you headache later.

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